Cindy Starfall Provides Supporters a ‘Full Physique Massage’ for VR Bangers

LOS ANGELES — Cindy Starfall plays a attractive masseuse in VR Bangers’ newest 6K UHD scene, “Full Physique Massage.”

Starfall’s petite 5’ 1” frame helps make “the excellent canvas,” a rep notes, for VR Bangers’ exploration of the art of Nuru massage — a Japanese massage technique that is performed with fully naked bodies, complete with a “happy ending” that viewers will look forward to.

Starfall’s initial VR porn scene was developed by VR Bangers in 2017, and in accordance to the company, her expertise in this medium have evolved because that initial shoot.

“Back in the day, when we developed ‘The Asian Virgin,’ Cindy was only learning how virtual reality porn works,” explained VR Bangers’ producer Roman Lit. “Now, the girl has certainly evolved as an actress and was way far more all-natural — and I actually value her efforts in ‘Full Physique Massage.’”

“Remember that we developed the scene in 6K ultra-higher-definition, which is the resolution that does not forgive any blunders and in which every single false move is completely visible to the viewer,” Lit explained. “It is 2019 now, two years after Cindy’s VR ‘defloration,’ and I consider that she has attained real perfection now.”