Adira Allure Is ‘The Accountant’ in VR Bangers’ Newest 6K Scene

LOS ANGELES — Adira Allure plays “The Accountant” for VR Bangers in its newest 6K ultra large definition scene.

The scene characteristics Allure in the title part as she sharpens her pencil to get the biggest refund possible for her entrepreneur client, with an erotic desktop romp ensuing.

“Taxes are surely something that most of us have actually no idea about,” mentioned VR Bangers’ producer Roman Lit. “Why wouldn’t you file them within of VR, then? Yeah, that is specifically what we thought when shooting this VR porn fantasy.”

“Adira Allure is a stunning blonde babe, and she was a perfect decision for the part of a attractive accountant,” Lit added. “All of these factors with each other make ‘The Accountant’ one of our very best current VR porn films and I highly suggest it to all of you!”

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